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FireNZE has the tools to meet your fire engineering needs.  Our resources include:

  • A comprehensive and up-to-date library including relevant legislation, journals, codes and Standards.
  • Online access to current NFPA Codes and FM Global Data Sheets.
  • A dedicated high speed Linux computer cluster for CFD processing.
  • Laboratory and workshop facilities.
  • A range of application-specific software (all maintained as current supported release) including:
    • MEPCad AutoSprink

      Fire Dynamics Simulator (with FDS Evac and SmokeView)


      BRANZFire and BRisk


      AutoCad, AutoCad Inventor, Autodesk A360 and True View

  • A network of national and international  fire engineering professionals for second opinions and peer reviews.
  • Appropriate registrations with national and international authorities for design and review of high risk projects.
  • Qualifications and experience appropriate for expert testimony and legal advocacy.

Your project data is secure with FireNZE.  We maintain a proven grand-father, father, son backup of all electronic files (including correspondence) stored in a fire-proof safe.

We are one of the few fire engineering companies that verify our FDS installation for quality assurance.

Updated 23 April 2023


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