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FireNZE’s work will be undertaken in accordance with an agreed contract in the general form specified by Engineering New Zealand, subject to negotiated endorsements and exclusions.

Products and services are subject to confidentiality and Intellectual Property (IP) agreements.  The IP component of our products and services is transferred to the client on the completion of the contract and settlement of account.

Our fee structure is based on a competitive hourly rate for professional advice.  We also offer a negotiated capped-fee contract for well-defined projects.

FireNZE has significant professional indemnity, public and statutory liability insurance cover.  Additional cover can be arranged to meet specific project requirements.

FireNZE operates in accordance with a Quality Management System (QMS) conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001 2016.

FireNZE is registered as as a Producer Statement Author for high risk projects with Auckland Council.

Please contact FireNZE for current terms of contract and rates.

Updated 23 April 2023


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