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FireNZE will provide you with independent professional engineering advice and solutions to meet your specific fire protection, life safety and budgetary requirements.

We will:

  • work with you to understand your needs today and into the future.
  • assist you in understanding your fire-related hazards and risks, and develop practical design solutions so that you are can make informed decisions on how best to complete your project.
  • provide fire protection advice and design specifications that comply with or exceed minimum legal requirements.
  • design against the prescriptive requirements of Regulations, Codes and Standards, or apply alternative design methodologies.
  • ensure that stake-holders are involved and informed to provide an efficient path to project completion.

Every project that we undertake is a specific customer-orientated solution.  FireNZE does not have a one-size-fits-all fire engineering product.  If you are looking for a template-generated fire engineering report to meet minimum legal requirements at the lowest possible price then there are other fire engineering consultancies that will better meet your short-term needs.  It has been our experience that customers acting on minimum price solutions can incur significant costs and lost opportunity in the long-term through factors such as compliance, insurance, maintaining tenancy, and keeping people safe.

While FireNZE design solutions will be conservative this does not mandate expense or inefficiency.  In completing your project we will use accepted design methodologies to achieve practical and innovative design solutions to resolve difficult or unusual requirements.

While no job is too small for FireNZE, if we do not have the resources available to meet your needs in your time-frame, or if we cannot provide you with a supporting professional opinion, then we will not enter into a contract for provision of our services.      

Updated 23 April 2023


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