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FireNZE has completed numerous significant consultancy projects on matters as diverse as specification of fire safety systems for jurisdictional compliance, fire safety system audits, the provision of specific fire engineering designs, loss investigations, and expert advice and testimony in matters subject to litigation.

FireNZE’s clients include property owners, tenants, compliance bodies, local government organisations, and insurance companies, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Our projects have included:

  • fire safety design,
  • specific fire engineering design solutions for large open space and high-rise buildings,
  • structural fire engineering design,
  • resolution of complex compliance issues,
  • the provision of independent expert advice on fire engineering to resolve matters in dispute,
  • specification and commissioning  of specialised fire protection and explosion mitigation systems for multimillion dollar industrial facilities.

FireNZE’s standard terms of contact include non-disclosure clauses that prevent publication of our project work for the purposes of advertising, referral, or seeking to endorse services on the basis of our clients’ brand or reputation.  Your project will be subject to the same protections.

Please contact FireNZE for a better understanding of our experience relevant to your specific fire engineering needs.

Updated 23 April 2023


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