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FireNZE provides fire engineering design and professional advice on all aspects of fire engineering for new and existing facilities including, but not limited to:

  • Code Compliance for Fire Safety.
  • Property Protection.
  • Special Hazards Protection.
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment.
  • Fire and Explosion Investigation.
  • Fire Modelling.
  • Fire Safety Systems Management.
  • Installation Monitoring.
  • Design Review.

The focus of fire protection is often geared towards achieving compliance at minimum cost without an understanding of fire hazards and risks.  While automatic fire sprinklers may effectively control a fire early in its growth, they may not extinguish a fire, and smoke damage to storage and equipment can be significant.

Maintenance of fire safety systems is often contracted to third parties to carry out inspections.  Many property owners are surprised (and justly annoyed) to find that, despite having had inspections completed, their fire safety systems are not compliant.  This may be the result of changes to a building or its use.  It may also be due to a lack of appropriate compliance certification when a building was first occupied, or inappropriate initial design.  FireNZE can help you identify if your fire safety systems are not compliant, provide a path to return to compliance, and a review of management systems to keep you there.

From time-to-time you may be presented with a number of maintenance recommendations for your fire safety systems.  FireNZE can independently validate these recommendations and assist you in developing a priority of works to best meet your budget, compliance and insurance needs.

The seismic protection of automatic fire sprinkler systems is an aspect of design that is seldom completed in accordance with the requirements of cited Standards.  FireNZE can provide you with expert seismic review and specific seismic design advice for automatic fire sprinklers.

FireNZE will provide you with advice to make informed decisions about your fire protection and life safety requirements.  Please contact FireNZE to discuss your specific fire engineering needs.

Updated 23 April 2023


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